About CLS

About CLS


CLS Holdings plc (CLS) is a pan European property company with its headquarters located in Vauxhall where it has owned property for over 20 years.


CLS currently owns over £180m of property in Vauxhall and this includes:

  • Spring Gardens on the north side of Tinworth Street which it developed in the 1990s
  • The Cap Gemini site including 86 Bondway, which is currently the subject of the Vauxhall Square development proposals to provide a major high rise mixed use development and new public square
  • The Rose public house and Westminster Tower along Albert Embankment.

Over 2,500 people work in CLS properties in Vauxhall, whose properties contribute more than £3.8m of rates per year to the London Borough of Lambeth. 


CLS Holdings, the landowner of Spring Mews, are passionate about the Vauxhall area.  The company, who are based in Vauxhall, has been investing in Vauxhall for over 20 years and will be a long-term partner for investment in the area for the next 20 plus years.  The development of Spring Mews represents an investment of over £50m into Vauxhall and will include contributions for the public benefit of nearly £900,000 as part of a Section 106 planning package agreed with the London Borough of Lambeth Planning Officers.